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Finnpipette Digital (Model 4500) Single Channel: How to Service and Replace the Tip Ejector Assembly

In this post:Cog Wheel – TS 10593060Tip Ejector Spring – TS 1131820Tip Ejector Pusher Mechanism: Based on imprinted volume size on mechanism. Does not include cog wheel or spring. Shop tip ejector pushers.Tip Ejector Button – TS 10593000 (The Finnpipette Digital Single Channel is the same pipette as the Finnpipette Model 4500 Single Channel) Disclaimer:

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Gilson Pipette Legend

Pipette Full Name Gilson Code (Part# Prefix/Suffix) Example ofSC 1000μl or MC 1200μl, etc Pipetman Classic Single Channel P P1000 Pipetman Classic Fixed Vol Single Channel F F1000 Pipetman Concept Multichannel C C300 Pipetman G Single Channel P_G P1000G Pipetman L Single Channel P_L P1000L Pipetman L Fixed Vol Single Channel F_L F1000L Pipetman L Multichannel

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Rainin Pipette Legend

Pipette Full Name Shaft Type Rainin Code(Part# Prefix/Suffix) Example of SC 1000μlor MC 1200μl, etc E4-XLS / EDP4-XLS Single Channel LTS E4-_XLS E4-1000XLS E4-XLS / EDP4-XLS Single Channel Trad Univ SE4-_XLS SE4-1000XLS E4-XLS / EDP4-XLS Multichannel LTS E8/E12-_XLS E8/E12-1200XLS E4-XLS / EDP4-XLS Adjust Spacing MC – ASM LTS EA6/EA8-_XLS EA6/EA8-1200XLS E4-XLS+ / EDP4-XLS+ Single Channel LTS

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