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Repeater Pipettes

Repeater Pipettes | Manual & Electronic

Repeater pipettes, both in manual and electronic variants, are great for instances where you are going to be repeatedly dispensing the same volume of liquids multiple times without having to aspire in between. Pipette Supplies offers repeater pipettes in manual and electronic formats, single channel and multichannel. This allows you to increase production and remove wasted movement.

They are both ergonomic and accurate, with versatile dispensing volume ranges.  Use repeaters whether you are doing small increments of 1 µL or larger repeatable volumes of up to 50 mL.

Manual Repeater Pipettes

Economics and effectiveness are what makes manual repeater pipettes a good option for your lab. Requiring no batteries or charging and at a lower price point compared to the electronic version, these are for labs focused on cost effectiveness and accuracy.

Electronic Repeater Pipettes

Eliminating human error and enabling peak performance is what you can expect from electronic repeater pipettes. Ergonomic grips, digital displays and electronic pipetting reduces RSI and maintains extreme precision.

Finnpipette Stepper (Thermo Scientific)

Easy-to-use and lightweight repeater pipette designed for one-handed dispensing. Ergonomically designed to allow rapid dispense up to 45 times in succession without refilling.

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Finnpipette Multistepper (Thermo Scientific)

Reduce the risk of error and increase productivity in immunoassay applications. The Finnpipette Multistepper is a lightweight, easy-to-use repeater pipette that provides simultaneous dispensing in eight channels. Designed especially for work with microplates.

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HandyStep touch Repeating Pipette (BrandTech)

The NEW BrandTech HandyStep touch is the first electronic repeating pipette with touchscreen operation and automatic tip ejection! With a user interface inspired by smartphones, the BRAND HandyStep touch delivers all of the advantages of touchscreen efficiency to your laboratory: access functions with a simple swipe, important information is always in view, and integrated help functions are just a tap away.

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HandyStep touch S Repeating Pipette (BrandTech)

Additional features of the HandyStep touch S: Sequential Dispensing Mode – Dispense up to 10 different volumes; Multi-Aspirating Mode – Consecutive aspiration of the same or different volumes; Titration Mode – Save the last titration result; Switch between select modes with a filled tip – pipetting settings are saved.

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HandyStep touch S Repeating Pipette (BrandTech)

The HandyStep electronic is an ergonomic alternative to conventional repeating pipettes. When using our unique Auto-dispense mode, it can reduce repetitive pipetting motion by up to 97%. It is compatible with all standard syringe tips. Because of its broad tip compatibility, the HandyStep electronic can dispense any volume between 1.0µL and 50mL, including non-standard volumes such as 9.2µL, 25µL, 260µL, or 1250µL.

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HandyStep S Repeating Pipette (BrandTech)

The BrandTech HandyStep S provides unprecedented versatility in a purely mechanical repeating pipette. In conjunction with ten sizes of PD-Tip syringe tips, it offers nearly sixty different volume settings with accuracy, precision and dependability. The slim design of the HandyStep S is lightweight, well-balanced, and provides a convenient control layout for smooth dispensing and one handed volume selection.

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Labpette R (Labnet International)

The Labpette™ R Repeating Pipette provides accurate and reproducible repetitive pipetting from the single filling of a disposable tip. The Labpette™ R saves time and reduces the fatigue associated with repetitive pipetting using a standard pipette.

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