Repeater Plus / Multipette Plus (Eppendorf)

This pipette is marketed under two names: Repeater Plus and Multipette Plus. Same pipette, same parts.

The blue is the newer version, gray is older.

Some of the gray parts have been discontinued such as the filling lever, pipetting lever and volume set switch which are all gray in color.  The blue filling lever and pipetting lever work for the gray instrument. However, the gray volume set switch EP 22269402 does not work for the blue because it is not programmed to accommodate the newer 25ML combitip.

Also, some of the old gray filling levers have a small metal peg behind them. If replacing the gray with a blue filling lever, you simply discard the small metal peg as the blue version does not need it.

Eppendorf Repeater Plus C-4 Error

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