Single Channel Mechanical Pipettes

A Single Channel Mechanical Pipette is used to transfer small amounts of liquid, usually ranging from 0.1 µL and up to 10,000 µL.  It is an essential tool for molecular biology lab, chemistry, pharmaceutical and forensic labs. It is important to spend time selecting the best single channel pipette for your lab, and to meet your needs.

Variations between each single channel mechanical pipette can include its ergonomic features, pipette tips, volume ranges, ejector buttons, and more. User manuals are available on each pipette item page, refer to them to get a feel for how that specific single channel pipette performs.

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The single channel mechanical pipette is known to be the workhorse in every life sciences laboratory worldwide.  You’ll typically find a set of them on every technicians lab bench.  They’ve been around for over 50 years and are continually improved by a number of pipette manufacturers.