Pipetman Classic Single Channel (Gilson)

Pipetman Identification:

Plunger-Adjustable Pipetman: Introduced in Dec 1995 featuring easier adjustment by using the volume adjustment knob or by turning the plunger button. Serial numbers range from NxxxxxE and higher.

Modified Pipetman: Introduced in Feb 1991 featuring a new long-life friction ring. Serial numbers JxxxxxB through NxxxxxE.

New-Style Pipetman: Introduced in Jan 1986 featuring a sturdier 6-hold calibration mechanism and new serial numbers CxxxxxA through JxxxxxA.

Old-Style Pipetman: Introduced in June 1975. Molded plastic body. No serial number.

Original Pipetman: Introduced in 1971. Body is clear plastic, machined, not molded.