Multichannel Electronic Pipettes

When choosing a pipette, it is important to focus on accuracy, precision, ergonomics and efficiency. The introduction of multichannel electronic pipettes brought about a significant advancement in how we handle liquids in the lab. These multichannel electronic pipettes can now be found in all types of laboratories. The wide range of shapes and sizes allows you to find the best for you.

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1. Save Time with Multichannel Electronic Pipettes

An increase in lab productivity is what these pipettes are known for. This technology allows scientists to free up more time from pipetting and focus on other important tasks. Multichannel electronic pipettes take this one step further and can even be programmed to follow your protocol. For example, you can program some of these pipettes to aspirate and dispense 500 µL, followed by 750 µL and 1000 µL.

2. Increased Accuracy & Precision 

You can be confident your electronic pipette will accurately dispense the volume you have selected, thanks to it’s digital display and motor operation. Reproducible results are paramount in experiments. Keeping constant and consistent pipetting force manually to esnure success is no longer necessary.

3. Reduced Sources of Human Error with Electronic Pipettes

Having most of the pipetting process automated by using electronic pipette likely reduces the possibility of human error. User to user variability is also removed from equation if scientists are using the same settings, meaning that data and results become more reproducible.

4. Charging & Uninterrupted Usage

Many electronic pipettes now have charger stands available. Meaning that your pipette is charging while you are not using it, ensuring that you never run out of battery and enjoy uninterrupted usage, just as you would with a manual pipette.