Gilson Pipetman / Rainin Classic Calibration Tool (Pipette Supplies)

Item: 27777


5 prong spanner wrench designed to calibrate these adjustable volume pipettes:

Gilson Pipetman Classic
Gilson Pipetman G
Gilson Pipetman Neo
Rainin Classic

Instructions included.  Don’t forget to replace the piston seal and o-ring while servicing this instrument.

Improved design: Longer handle to make it easy to hold. This tool is for Pipetman models CxxxxxA and higher, meaning the Pipetman with 6 holes in the top of the black thumb wheel.

Note: See item RA CT-2 for our Rainin Pipet-Lite/Pipet-Plus calibration tool.

Made in the USA

Calibration Instructions
Trouble Shooting Gilson Pipetman Calibration Concerns