Rainin Pipet-Lite / Pipet-Lite XLS, XLS+ / Pipet-Plus Calibration Tool (Pipette Supplies)

Item: RA CT-2


Calibration Tool designed for Rainin pipettes:

Pipet-Lite XLS
Pipet-Lite XLS+

Don’t forget to replace the piston seal and o-ring (or seal lip) while servicing this instrument.

Top Seller! Instructions included. Two piece set. 304 steel. One steel cylinder goes inside other cylinder. Together, these cylinders slide down the plunger rod for a calibration adjustment.

Use both pieces when adjusting the Pipet-Lite, Pipet-Lite XLS, Pipet-Lite XLS+ or Pipet-Plus. Use only the inner cylinder to adjust old, pre-Jan 1986 style (6 hex screws) Pipetman. For calibration to all post-Jan 1986 Pipetman, use our item 27777.

Made in the USA

Calibration Instructions