RNase AWAY Surface Decontaminant, 250mL Bottle (Thermo Scientific)

Item: TS 7000PK


Eliminate RNase and DNA from laboratory surfaces. Thermo Scientific RNase AWAY is ideal for decontaminating apparatus, bench-tops, glassware and plasticware. It reduces dependency on carcinogenic DEPC treatments and saves time needed to bake glassware.

  • Use on pipettes, gel boxes or RNA or DNA prep areas
  • Leaves no residue to interfere with gel polymerization or staining
  • Chemically stable and nonabrasive
  • Contains no strong acids
  • See the white paper (linked below) to learn why DNA AWAY and RNase AWAY are recommended for use by many reputable institutions, including the CDC.

TS 7000, 7000TS1

RNase AWAY also available in a 475mL Spray Bottle TS 7002PK.
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