RNase AWAY Surface Decontaminant, 250mL Bottle (Thermo Scientific)

Item: TS 7000PK


Eliminate RNase and DNA from laboratory surfaces. Thermo Scientific RNase AWAY is ideal for decontaminating apparatus, bench-tops, glassware and plasticware. It reduces dependency on carcinogenic DEPC treatments and saves time needed to bake glassware.

  • Use on pipettes, gel boxes or RNA or DNA prep areas
  • Leaves no residue to interfere with gel polymerization or staining
  • Chemically stable and nonabrasive
  • Contains no strong acids

TS 7000, 7000TS1

RNase AWAY also available in a 475mL Spray Bottle TS 7002PK.
DNA AWAY also available on our site TS 7010PK.