Transferpette Mechanical Individual Nose Cone (2 O-rings), Multichannel, 2 Pack, 10μL (BrandTech)

Item: BT 703338


This nose cone is approximately 34mm or 1-5/16″ in length.

Some of these Transferpette Mechanical multichannel pipettes require a different nose cone. Please measure your nose cone and compare.

If your nose cone is approximately 38mm or 1-1/2″ in length, you will need to purchase BT 705677 instead.

If you are unsure of which nose cone to purchase, please contact us with your pipette’s serial number, and we will assist you with selection.

Made in Germany


Manuals for the pipette(s) that use this item.

Transferpette Multichannel Mechanical (New Style) User Manual


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