Sartorius Safe-Cone Standard Filters, 50 Pack, 3.15 mm PE, 100μL, 200μL, 300μL (Sartorius)

Item: SA 721007


These unique and replaceable polyethylene (PE) filters prevent any fluids and liquid vapors from reaching the internal components of the pipette.

Standard Safe-Cone Filters (50 pieces) for:

eLINE Single and Multichannel 300μL
mLINE Single Channel 200μL
mLINE Multichannel 300μL
Picus Single and Multichannel 300μL
Proline Mechanical Single Channel 100μL, 200μL
Proline Plus Single Channel 200μL
Proline Plus Multichannel 300μL
Tacta Single Channel Mechanical 200μL
Tacta Multichannel Mechanical 300μL

Outside diameter: 3.15mm