Original Pipet-Aid, with Dual Pump Filtration Unit, 220V, CE, UK (Drummond)

Item: DR 4-000-221-E

$229.99(Was $318.24)

All standard units operate from A.C. current. Plug the unit into an appropriate wall outlet. When ready to use, turn “on” the on/off switch to activate the pump. You will hear the pump operating. Place a pipet into the nosepiece of the handle unit by gently pushing the pipet and twisting simultaneously until a firm grip is observed.

To aspirate: Gently push the upper button. The further the button is pushed, the faster liquid will be aspirated.

To dispense: Gently push the lower button. Again, the further the button is pushed, the faster liquid will be dispensed. Caution, most standard units will have a “check valve”(white or gray), in the nosepiece to prevent drawing fluid into the handle in the event of over-pipetting. A small float inside the check valve will build up protein and occasionally stick, either open or closed. The valve can be opened up and cleaned with deionized water, dried, and reassembled. Remember, the black o-ring always goes up into the handle. Improper installation will prevent the unit from operating.

Units with T.C. nosepieces contain a self-locking filter. By design, this filter will prevent any aspiration or dispensing once contact with aqueous solutions has occurred. REPLACEMENT IS NECESSARY. Caution, make sure the rubber insert is dry and free of any liquid before using the Pipet-Aid again. This will prevent contamination of the new filter and of your next sample.