Labnet Manifold Screw Set, Multichannel, 4 Sets x 5 Each (Labnet)

Item: LN SP9608


Includes 5 each of the following screws:

LN SP29001 – Manifold nut screw (6×4)

LN SP29002 – Manifold top screw (6×6)

LN SP29003 – Manifold bottom screw (6×10)

LN SP29004 – Manifold top screw (6×16)

For use in:

BioPette Plus Multichannel

Bio-Rad Multichannel

GENEMate Multichannel (2014 version)

GENEMate Multichannel (newer handle)

GENEMate Multichannel (older handle)

Ultra EZpette Multichannel

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