Gilson Pipetman & Rainin Classic Tip Holder, P10mL, PR10mL, P10mLG, P10mLL, P10mLP (Gilson)

Item: GI F161263


Gilson 10mL Shaft / Tip Holder for:

Gilson Pipetman Classic 10mL (P10mL)
Gilson Pipetman G 10mL (P10mLG)
Gilson Pipetman L 10mL (P10mLL)
Gilson Pipetman P 10mL (P10mLP)
Rainin Classic 10mL (PR10mL)

Note: Newer style tip holder for Gilson serial number N05806D and later. Does not fit the older 10mL tip holders that are slightly broader internally.

Alternative to Gilson F144503, Rainin 61263, 17003373, 17004836.