Finnpipette / Fisherbrand Tip Cone Assembly, 8 & 12 Channels, 12pcs, 10μL (Thermo Scientific)

Item: TS 2209110

$304.00(Was $320.00)

Tip cone assembly for:

Finnipette BioControl
Finnpipette Digital
Finnpipette F1
Finnpipette Focus Plus
Finnpipette Focus
Finnpipette Novus
Fisherbrand II
Fisherbrand Elite

12 tip cone assembly set. Not sold separately nor in an 8 piece set. Manufacturer recommends replacing all cones instead of just one to maintain volume uniformity.

Each tip cone assembly for this volume includes:

Tip cone cover
Second support
3 o-rings
Sealing casing
Dash spring
Spring support
Tip cone