Eppendorf Combitips Advanced, Assortment Pack (Eppendorf)

Item: EP 0030089936


Assortment pack contains one each of the nine Combitip volume sizes, and one each 25ML and 50ML, plus Combitip adapter. Eppendorf Standard Quality, Non-Sterile.

Compatible with:

Repeater 4780 / Multipette 4780

Repeater E3, E3x / Multipette E3, E3x

Repeater M4 / Multipette M4

Repeater Plus / Multipette Plus

Repeater Pro / Multipette Pro

Repeater stream / Multipette stream

Repeater Xstream / Multipette Xstream

EDOS 5222

International Part# 0030089936


Manuals for the pipette(s) that use this item.

Eppendorf Combitips advanced Manual 2013


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