Gilson Pipetman / Rainin Classic Tip Holder / Shaft 20μL, P20, PR20, P20N, P20G, P20L (Rainin)

Item: RA 23353


Rainin OEM 2.0-20μL conical (traditional universal) tip holder for the following pipettes:

Gilson Pipetman Classic 20μL (P20)
Gilson Pipetman Neo 20μL (P20N)
Gilson Pipetman G 20μL (P20G)
Gilson Pipetman L 20μL (P20L)
Rainin Classic PR/P20μL


Same as Rainin 17004930, 17004986, 6191-032. Alternative to Gilson F123353, F144495, F161832.