Finnpipette E1 ClipTip / F1 ClipTip Upgrade, Tip Fitting Assembly, 4 Pack, Plastic, 850μL, 1000μL, 1250μL (Thermo Scientific)

Item: TS 2216190


4 pack of plastic tip fittings (with 2 o-rings) for:

E1 ClipTip Single Channel 1250μL
E1 ClipTip Multichannel 850μL, 1250μL
F1 ClipTip 1000μL
F1 ClipTip Fixed 500μL, 1000μL

**Replaces plastic tip fittings only.** If your pipette has a metal tip fitting, order the appropriate metal fitting: TS 11072200, TS 11072240 or TS 2214330. Metal and plastic tip fittings are not interchangeable.

Made in Finland