Finnpipette E1 ClipTip / F1 ClipTip, Tip Fitting Assembly, SC & MC, Metal, Volumes up to 300μL (Thermo Scientific)

Item: TS 2214320


Metal Tip Fitting Assembly (includes 1 each of tip fitting 11072080, tip fitting o-ring 2214930 and o-ring 1030060) for:

E1 ClipTip Single Channel 125μL, 300μL
E1 ClipTip Multichannel 125μL, 300μL
F1 ClipTip Single Channel 10μL, 20μL, 50μL, 100μL, 200μL, 300μL
F1 ClipTip Multichannel 10μL, 50μL, 100μL, 300μL
F1 ClipTip Fixed Volume 1μL, 5μL, 10μL, 20μL, 25μL, 50μL, 100μL, 200μL, 250μL

**Replaces metal tip fittings only.** If your pipette has a plastic tip fitting, order TS 2216160. Metal and plastic tip fittings are not interchangeable.

Made in Finland