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27777 Gilson Pipetman / Rainin Classic Calibration Tool (Pipette Supplies) 27777 $68.00
GIF144872 Pipetman Tip Ejector Rod Kit (Gilson) GI F144872 $53.00
GI_F5440011070 Pipetman G / Pipetman L Lubricant Tube 1gram (Gilson) GI 5440011070 $12.50
GIF507021 Pipetman G / Neo Tip Ejector Rod Kit (Gilson) GI F507021 $46.00
28888 Pipetman L Calibration Tool (Pipette Supplies) 28888 $96.00
GIF20751 Pipetman Ultra Customer Calibration Tool, All Volumes (Gilson) GI F20751 $12.00
GIF2070902 Pipetman Ultra Lubricant Grease Tube (Gilson) GI F2070902 $12.50
RACT-2 Pipet-Lite / Pipet-Lite XLS, XLS+ / Pipet-Plus Calibration Tool (Pipette Supplies) RA CT-2 $91.00
RA6100_064_1 Krytox Grease (GPL-206) (Pipette Supplies) RA 6100-064 $52.00
2XLSGR Pipet-Lite XLS+ Grease, 1 gram (Pipette Supplies) 2XLSGR $9.10
6100-065 Krytox Oil (GPL-105) Dab-O-Matic, 2oz (Pipette Supplies) RA 6100-065 $63.00
6100-0655 Krytox Oil (GPL-105) Dab-O-Matic, 0.5oz (Pipette Supplies) RA 6100-0655 $29.25
RA_Grease_2 Rainin Grease Tube, 1g, Single Channel, 5ML, 10ML, 20ML (Rainin) RA 6100-555 $9.00
BT_703677 Brandtech Silicone Grease (New) (BrandTech) BT 703677 $26.50
BT703678 Transferpette Mechanical / Transferpette S Fluorstatic Grease, Multichannel (BrandTech) BT 703678 $10.00
BT703679 Transferpette Mechanical Silicone Oil, Multichannel, Older Version, 10μl, 20μl, 300μl (BrandTech) BT 703679 $21.50
BT705502 Transferpette Electronic / Transferpette S Silicone Oil, Single Channel (BrandTech) BT 705502 $25.20
BT2703970 PLT Pipette Leak Testing Unit with Universal Power Supply (BrandTech) BT 703970 $1,565.67 $1,314.97
BT_703980_1 PLT Connect Software CD-ROM, Windows (Brandtech) BT 703980 $233.00 $209.70
BT_703979 PLT AC Adapter / Universal Power Supply (BrandTech) BT 703979 $86.00
BT_703977_1 PLT Pipette Leak Testing Unit, Multichannel Pipette Adapter (BrandTech) BT 703977 $225.00 $192.97
BT703978 PLT Pipette Leak Testing Unit, Filters (PE) for Pipette Adapter. Pack of 10 (BrandTech) BT 703978 $11.64
BT_703975_1 PLT Pipette Leak Testing Unit, Single Channel Pipette Adapter for Testing with Tips (BrandTech) BT 703975 $55.04
BrandTech_logo Transferpettor Seal Mounting Tool, All Volumes (BrandTech) BT 654052 $12.80
EP3122610003 Eppendorf Multichannel Tool, 100μl, 300μl (Eppendorf) EP 3122610003 $13.70
EP22456890 Eppendorf Disassembly Aid, Multichannel, 0.5-10μl (Eppendorf) EP 22456890 $34.50
EP22456911 Eppendorf Disassembly Aid, Multichannel, 30-300μl (Eppendorf) EP 22456911 $34.50
EP22467042 Eppendorf Multichannel Disassembly Aid, 1200μl (Eppendorf) EP 4860736000 $23.60
EP22634330 Eppendorf Pivot Grease Tube, 20ML (Eppendorf) EP 22634330 $25.00
EP22348515_1 Eppendorf Silicone Grease, 1 gram (Eppendorf) EP 22348515 $13.70
EP22348507 Eppendorf Silicone Grease, 45 grams (Eppendorf) EP 22348507 $139.00
EP_4423000010 Pipet Helper (Eppendorf) EP 4423000010 $85.50 $83.12
EP_22475045 Reference Repair Kit, All Volumes (Eppendorf) EP 22475045 $29.00
EP22475029 Reference Repair Wrench / Universal Tool (Eppendorf) EP 22475029 $12.60
EP_4920828006 Reference 2 Disassembly Tool (Eppendorf) EP 4920828006 $23.00
EP_4920827000 Reference 2 Mounting / Fixing Tool (Eppendorf) EP 4920827000 $23.00
EP3120634002 Reference 2 / Research Plus / Xplorer Lower Part Key (Eppendorf) EP 3120634002 $13.70
EP3120633006 Reference 2 / Research Plus Adjustment Tool (Eppendorf) EP 3120633006 $13.70
EP3120639004 Research Plus Safety Plug Tools, 5 pcs (Eppendorf) EP 3120639004 $21.10
EP22476602 Research / Research Pro Disassembly Aid, Single Channel, 5ML, 10ML (Eppendorf) EP 22476602 $10.90
EP22467034 Research / Research Pro Disassembly Aid, 100μl (Eppendorf) EP 22467034 $33.50
EP22476581 Research / Research Pro Wrench, Single Channel (Eppendorf) EP 22476581 $14.70
EP3120801006 Research Plus Safety Plugs, 10 pcs (Eppendorf) EP 3120801006 $19.30
EP3120803009 Research Plus Service Pliers, Single & Multichannel, All Volumes (Eppendorf) EP 3120803009 $101.50
EP3120802002 Research Plus Adjustment Tool with Control Button, Fixed Volumes Only (Eppendorf) EP 3120802002 $33.00
EP_3120829008_ Research Plus Centering Tool, for Compression Spring (Eppendorf) EP 3120829008 $163.00
EP3120019006 Research Plus Adjusting Cover (Eppendorf) EP 3120019006 $10.30
EP_3121819006 Research Plus Service Tool (Eppendorf) EP 3121819006 $75.00
HA34002 Hamilton SoftGrip Calibration Key (Hamilton) HA 34002 $8.68
LNSM9479 Labnet Calibration Key, All Volumes (Labnet) LN SP9479 $17.40
LNSP29334 Labnet Calibration Key, Volume Lock Version, All Volumes (Labnet) LN SP29334 $17.40
LNSP29019 Labnet Piston Grease, 1.5g Packet (Labnet) LN SP29019 $5.00
SP29021 Labnet Piston Grease, 30g Jar (Labnet) LN SP29021 $31.16
TS2203130 Labnet Excel Lubricant (Labnet International) LN P3645L-L $18.00
LNSP19674 VWR UHP Calibration Key (Labnet) LN SP19674 $17.40
NI3IN-0700 Model 3100 Silicone Grease (Nichiryo) NI 31N-0700 $14.36
NI5GB-053 Nichipet EX Plus / Nichipet EX Plus II Calibration Tool (Nichiryo) NI 5GB-053 $19.80
NIN3-0711A Nichiryo Le Silicone Grease (Nichiryo) NI N3-0711A $14.34
Nichiryo_logo_NEW Nichipet Premium Filter Remover, 1000μl (Nichiryo) NI 00-NP-1100000 $9.42
NINX-110000 Nichiryo Nozzle Filter Removal Tool, 1000μl (Nichiryo) NI NX-110000 $14.78
Nichiryo_logo_NEW NIchipet Premium Filter Remover, 5/10ML (Nichiryo) NI 00-NP-1500000 $6.48
NINX-15000 Nichiryo Nozzle Filter Removal Tool, 5000μl, 10ML (Nichiryo) NI NX-150000 $7.43
NI5G2-HEX2 Nichiryo Hex Wrench (Nichiryo) NI 5G2-HEX $4.10
NI5G2-JIG Nichiryo Second Spring Holder Removal Tool (Nichiryo) NI 5G2-JIG $109.60
BH726203 mLINE / Proline Plus Calibration Tool (Sartorius/Biohit) SA 726203 $44.00
BH721130 Proline Mechanical Calibration Tool (Biohit/Sartorius) SA 721130 $15.00
BH731141 Sartorius Pipettor Piston Grease, 20g (Biohit/Sartorius) SA 731141 $122.00 $105.00
BH721670 Sartorius Silicone Molycote Grease, 6 grams (Biohit/Sartorius) SA 721670 $66.00 $56.00
SA_LH-727080 Tacta Mechanical Adjustment / Calibration Tool (Sartorius) SA LH-727080 $17.00
SA721672 High Vacuum Silicone Grease, Rhodorsil, 15ML (Biohit/Sartorius) SA 721672 $66.00 $56.00
TS10589070 Finnpipette Campus / Colour / Digital Classic / PDP Service Tool (Thermo Scientific) TS 10589070 $15.50
TS10593480 Finnpipette / Fisherbrand Calibration Wrench (Thermo Scientific) TS 10593480 $15.50
TS2900510 Finnpipette Digital / Fisherbrand I & II Maintenance Pliers (Thermo Scientific) TS 2900510 $57.00
TS1062800 Finnpipette / Fisherbrand Calibration Service Tool (Thermo Scientific) TS 1062800 $10.50
TS1062930 Finnpipette F Series / Fisherbrand Elite Calibration Service Tool, Multichannel (Thermo Scientific) TS 1062930 $10.50
TS2215870 Finnpipette F1 ClipTip / E1 ClipTip, Tip Fitting Tool (Thermo Scientific) TS 2215870 $7.20
TS1062500 Finnpipette Novus / E1 ClipTip Service Tool (Thermo Scientific) TS 1062500 $22.00
TS2203130 Finnpipette / Fisherbrand Piston Grease, 1g (Thermo Scientific) TS 3300200 $13.00
TS3300060 Finnpipette / Fisherbrand Piston Grease, 150g Tube (Thermo Scientific) TS 3300060 $106.00
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