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Image Product Item number Price Quantity
27777 Gilson Pipetman / Rainin Classic Calibration Tool (Pipette Supplies) 27777 $68.00
RACT-2 Pipet-Lite / Pipet-Lite XLS / Pipet-Plus Calibration Tool (Pipette Supplies) RA CT-2 $91.00
28888 Pipetman L Calibration Tool (Pipette Supplies) 28888 $96.00
GI_F5440011070 Pipetman G / Pipetman L Lubricant (Gilson) GI 5440011070 $12.50
EP22476581 Research / Research Pro Wrench, Single Channel (Eppendorf) EP 22476581 $14.70
EP22348507 Eppendorf Silicone Grease, 45 grams (Eppendorf) EP 22348507 $139.00
TS1062800 Finnpipette F Series Calibration Tool TS 1062800 $10.50
RA6100-065 Krytox Oil (GPL-105) Dab-O-Matic, 2oz (Pipette Supplies) RA 6100-065 $63.00
RA6100_064_1 Krytox Grease (GPL-206) (Pipette Supplies) RA 6100-064 $52.00
GIF20751 Pipetman Ultra Customer Calibration Tool, All Volumes (Gilson) GI F20751 $12.00
EP22475029 Reference Repair Wrench / Universal Tool (Eppendorf) EP 22475029 $12.60
TS24444 S1 Pipet Filler Tool (Pipette Supplies) 24444 $6.75
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