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Repeater Pro (Eppendorf)




The Repeater Pro (formerly Response 4850, formerly 4780)
was discontinued in October 2005.
Please contact us for part availability of items not listed.

Image Product Item number Price Quantity
EP22466542 Repeater Pro Screw for Battery Cover (Eppendorf) EP 22466542 $37.80
EP22466682 Repeater Pro / Repeater Plus / Multipette Plus Battery Cover (Eppendorf) EP 22466682 $17.90
EP22466534 Repeater Pro Battery (Pipette Supplies) PS 22466534 $87.10
EP22466551 Repeater Pro Keypad (Eppendorf) EP 22466551 $19.00
EP22466569 Repeater Pro Housing Connector, Older Version (Eppendorf) EP 22466569 $14.00
EP_3116000015 Eppendorf Carousel 2 Pipette Stand (Eppendorf) EP 3116000015 $158.00
EP22348507 Eppendorf Silicone Grease, 45 grams (Eppendorf) EP 22348507 $139.00
EP30089715 Eppendorf Combitips Advanced Adapter, 25mL, 1 pc (Eppendorf) EP 30089715 $23.50 $20.75
EP30089723 Eppendorf Combitips Advanced Adapter, 50mL, 1 pc (Eppendorf) EP 30089723 $23.50 $20.75
EP30089731 Eppendorf Combitips Advanced Adapter, Biopur, 25mL, 7 pcs (Eppendorf) EP 30089731 $138.00 $119.77
EP30089740 Eppendorf Combitips Advanced Adapter, Biopur, 50mL, 7 pcs (Eppendorf) EP 30089740 $138.00 $119.77
EP_22261550 Eppendorf Combitube Aspirating Aid for Combitips, 2 Pack (Eppendorf) EP 22261550 $65.00
Eppendorf_Combitips_advanced_Rack Eppendorf Combitips Advanced Tip Rack (Eppendorf) EP 30089758 $43.50 $41.68
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