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Tip Holders (Shafts)





Tip holders for Gilson Pipetman G pipettes

Check out our brand for a high quality, more economical alternative.

Image Product Item number Price Quantity
60002 Pipetman/ Rainin Tip Holder, P2, PR2, P2N, P2G, P2L (Pipette Supplies) 60002 $8.60
60010 Pipetman/ Rainin Tip Holder, P10, PR10, P10N, P10G, P10L (Pipette Supplies) 60010 $8.60
60020 Pipetman/ Rainin Tip Holder, P20, PR20, P20N, P20G, P20L (Pipette Supplies) 60020 $8.60
60100 Pipetman/ Rainin Tip Holder, P100, PR100, P100N, P100G, P100L (Pipette Supplies) 60100 $8.60
60200 Pipetman/ Rainin Tip Holder, P200, PR200, P200N, P200G, P200L (Pipette Supplies) 60200 $8.60
61000 Pipetman/ Rainin Tip Holder, P1000, PR1000, P1000N, P1000G, P1000L (Pipette Supplies) 61000 $8.60
GIF161836 Pipetman Tip Holder, P5000, P5000G, P5000L (Gilson) GI F123608 $28.00
GIF161263 Pipetman Tip Holder 10ML, P10ML, P10MLG, P10MLL (Pipette Supplies) 610ML $25.00
GIF161263 Pipetman Tip Holder, 10ML (Gilson) GI F161263 $34.00
60020 Pipetman/ Rainin Tip Holder / Shaft 20μl, P20, PR20, P20N, P20G, P20L (Rainin) RA 23353 $23.00
61000 Pipetman/ Rainin Tip Holder/ Shaft 1000μl, P1000, PR1000, P1000N, P1000G, P1000L (Rainin) RA 23371 $23.00
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