PLT Pipette Leak Testing Unit with Universal Power Supply (BrandTech)

Item: BT 703970

$1,304.75(Was $1,611.80)

The PLT unit is supplied with: single channel adapters for testing with and without tips, universal power supply (100-240V, 50/60Hz), operating manual, carrying/storage case.

The PLT Pipette Leak Testing Unit detects even the smallest leaks in air displacement pipettes. Leakage, arising from damage either to the seals, pistons or tip cones, is the most frequent cause of inaccuracy in piston-operated pipettes. To ensure accurate pipetting results, air-displacement pipettes must be calibrated at regular intervals. While the PLT cannot replace regular gravimetric testing, daily pipette checks can provide a safeguard during the periods between calibrations.

Product Features:

– Test with or without tips
– Quantifiable results with pass/fail criteria for each pipette
– Results in seconds

Now available! New PLT Connect Software allows tracking of instruments and printing of test results. Click on the link below for more information.