Pipet-Lite Seal, Single & Multichannel, 300μL (Pipette Supplies)

Item: 80300


Piston Seal for the following Rainin 300μl Pipettes:

Pipet-Lite Single Channel (L, SL)

Pipet-Lite Multichannel (L8/L12)

Pipet-Plus (R, RL)

EDP3, EDP3 Plus Single Channel (E3, SE3)

EDP3, EDP3 Plus Multichannel (E8/E12)

EDP1 (E1, SE1)

E-Man Hybrid (H, SH)

Pipet-Lite XLS Single Channel XLS (XLS)

Pipet-Lite XLS Multichannel (L8/L12XLS)

E4 XLS Single Channel (E4, SE4)

E4 XLS Multichannel (E8/E12XLS)

Alternative to Rainin 6200-415 / 17007547