mLINE Mechanical Pipette Multipack, Single Channel 3-Pack, 10μL, 100μL, 1000μL (Sartorius)

Item: SA LH-725661

$628.00(Was $740.00)


(1) mLINE Single Channel, 10μL

(1) mLINE Single Channel, 100μL

(1) mLINE Single Channel, 1000μL

(1) Optifit Tip tray box, 0.1-10μL

(1) Optifit Tip tray box, 0.5-200μL

(1) Optifit Tip tray box, 10-1000μL

(1) Linear stand

These instruments have not been calibrated. Pre-delivery calibration may be purchased for each using item number
SA 84JOP01